“Closing” the digital FTA broadcasting

This section is for you if you have already started digital broadcasting in your cable network in free format and are thinking about using a Conditional Access System (CAS).

Solutions with the WISI scrambler usage

The offer is for the cable operators that have digital TV broadcasting in a free format; those that do not have any scrambler or a conditional access system.

If you have started digital broadcasting with relaying finished packages broadcasted from the satellite, and you want to protect them from unauthorized viewing, and you are not ready yet to buy a multiplexer, you can use the OT32 scrambler by the WISI company, for example, according to the chart below.

If you have already purchased a multiplexer to form your own programs, then we recommend using the following scheme for tconnecting the OT32 scrambler by the WISI Company.

The Solution advantages:

  • Easy scrambler control.
  • Low cost solution.
  • It is possible to use other Simulcrypt compliant conditional access systems simultaneously.

The disadvantages of the Solution:

  • The need to control the multiplexor and scrambler separately.
  • Automatic back up is impossible.

The attention is to be paid to:

The disadvantages of the headend on the whole and significantly are determined by the equipment purchased earlier.

The solution that uses the Operator’s DVB SimulCrypt compatible scrambler

The solution for cable operators who have equipment for digital television broadcasting in a free format, including SimulCrypt compatible scrambler, yet do not have a conditional access system.

In this case, you can get the DRECrypt Conditional Access System and we will connect it to your equipment, for example, as follows:

The Solution advantages:

  • There are no additional expenses for the headend modernization.

The Solution disadvantages:

  • Not determined.

The attention should be paid to the following:

  • To implement this decision, the scramblers that you have must support the DVB Simulcrypt standard and have Ethernet ports to connect the Conditional Access System.
  • The scrambler can be combined with a multiplexer.

The cable operator that uses DRECrypt CAS can broadcast high definition program package “Platforma HD» over his network simultaneously with his own programs and provide the subscriber with the possibility to receive them at his STB. See the Organization of digital broadcasting over a cable network together with the “Platforma HD” section.