CAS DVB encrypted with a SimulCript

The Solution for the Cable TV Operators that make digital broadcasting encrypted with a SimulCrypt compatible CAS.

If you find shortcomings in your present Conditional Access System and the STB you have on sale and are thinking about introducing additional services, you can in addition to existing equipment connect the DRECrypt CAS according to the standard, as shown, for example, in the diagram below:

The Solution’s advantages:

  • There are no additional expenses for the headend modernization.
  • There is no need to change the subscribers’ STBs.
  • A wider assortment of STBs can be used in the network.

The Solution’s disadvantages:

  • The new services introduced by means of the DRECrypt cannot be used with the STBs that have been already sold.
  • The attention should be paid to the following:

    • To implement the solution, your scramblers must support the DVB Simulcrypt standard and have Ethernet ports to connect conditional access systems.

    The cable operator that uses DRECrypt CAS can broadcast high definition program package “Platforma HD» over his network simultaneously with his own programs and provide the subscriber with the possibility to receive them with the same STB. For the details see the Organization of digital broadcasting over a cable network together with the “Platforma HD” section.