Remote DRECrypt CAS

Remote DRECrypt CAS

In the data processing center DRECrypt CAS (DPC DRECrypt CAS) global SMS and CAS servers and a central router are installed. The headends of digital cable television operators include local routers, as well as multiplexers, scramblers, and other transceiver equipment.

The local scramblers and global SMS and CAS servers, containing the appropriate virtual servers are installed at the operators’ headends. Each virtual SMS and CAS server is attached to a separate operator.

The communication between the DPC DRECrypt CAS and operator’s headend is organized through secure tunnels in the Internet generated by routers. The central router’s access to Internet is carried out by means of a fixed permanent communication channel.

The benefits of using the Remote DRECrypt CAS:

  • There is no acquisition, installation and maintenance cost of DRECrypt CAS hardware, because it is in the DPC DRECrypt CAS;
  • The expences are associated with royalties for the use of the software and the DRECrypt Internet rental channel only;
  • The DRECrypt CAS functionality and benefits remain the same.