2004 г. The year of foundation of company-integrator «Сifra», which specializes in the development and deployment of new digital TV technologies, content protection, multimedia services and apps.
2005 г. The year of the installation of the new version Conditional Access System (Eng. Conditional Access System – CAS) DRECrypt to satellite operator “Tricolor TV”.
2007 г. The year of the deployment of CAS DRECrypt of the second generation on the Tricolor network.
2008 г. The year of the development and deployment of EPG ver. 1 (Electronic Program Guide), which is currently available in 5 generation.
In the same year there were developed and brought into commercial operation additional services, such as TV-mail, TV-chat (exchange of e-mail and messages on the TV screen without the Internet), InfoCAS(compulsory notification of the subscribers), OTA (software update of the subscriber terminals over the air).

2009 г. the year of CAS adaptation for work with networks of cable digital TV.
Together with “General Satellite” there were developed digital cable set-top boxes of SD and HD standard.
The twenty for by seven technical support was launched.

2010 г. The year of the development and deployment of next-generation CAS, which introduce additional coding unique technologies that provide complete protection from unauthorized access.
2011 г. The year of the development and deployment of ads services multimedia platform, allows to show advertisements / banners without interrupting TV programs.
2012 г. New service for “Tricolor TV” , “Cinemahalls”, that turns the TV into a home theater experience with the popular foreign and domestic films, was developed and deployed – in conjunction with “General Satellite.
CAS DRECrypt successfully passed an independent security audit of the company –leader on the television safety and certified under the protection of content.
2013 г. The year of Remote CAS launch via a secure VPN-channel between CAS and the head end.
Thus, the functionality and advantages of the local CAS remain the same and there is no expenses for purchase, installation and maintenance of the hardware of the conditional access system.
2014 г. Subscriber base operators of satellite TV, using CAS DRECrypt exceeded 11 million households;
subscriber base of cable TV operators using a CAS DRECrypt exceeded 1.1 million households;
subscriber base of terrestrial TV operators using CAS DRECrypt exceeded 500,000 households.